Leather Travel Wallet – Phone Pocket – Long Bifold Wallet Men

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Leather Travel Wallet – Phone Pocket – Long Bifold Wallet Men Description

Our philosophy is “handmade for self-made’ Here at Delante (esp. – ahead), our primary focus is YOU. Our goal is to provide you with materials that are significant of the past yet still modern. In order to provide you with what you want, we value three core elements: value, quality, and longevity. These three elements allow us to approach our work with you in the front of our mind. We only provide you with goods that are of great value, high quality, and last a long time. Stay mobile and organized The world today is all about mobility, convenience, and being ready for whatever life throws your way. That’s why we at Delante have created a unique, leather travel wallet designed to support your fast-paced work schedule and personal life. Now, you can take everything you need to a work meeting, meeting with a partner, lunch with a colleague, coffee date, or go shopping. Also, it’s not bulky, so it can easily fit in your jacket’s inner pocket or in the palm of your hand. Handcrafted for Lifelong Reliability Delante wallets are made from the finest full grain leathers and are never used from processed or bonded leather. Zeugma leather is like a fine wine that gets better with age: if you damage the leather, all you have to do to completely erase any sign of damage is gently rub the affected area with your fingers. This is possible because parts of the wallet are sewn together with extra strong Gral Polyester thread, from which load-lifting cords are produced. It withstands a very heavy weight, doesn’t wear off, and retains its properties in water. Your 100-Year Warranty Our method of careful choosing of materials and production control results in a strong wallet that will never crack, break, burn out, or stretch excessively.

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We provide soft delivery, we all sell simply certified goods with a warrantee of up to half a year and provide the kind of documentation. The particular delivery part of Leather Travel Wallet – Phone Pocket – Long Bifold Wallet Men addresses absolutely just about all countries of driving. We assurance delivery in the shortest possible moment if the items are in the stock or perhaps manufacturer's storage place.

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