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FilAm Guest Book

Sign our Guestbook

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RoseNovember 27, 2005
Excellent Site! Thank-you & God Bless! http://GrampsLamps.com

ELIZARDE, ROGELIONovember 22, 2005

Tony UyOctober 17, 2005
It is my pleasure to know and learn that we had kababayans in Alaska. As you thinks. we also have a group here in TX, were one of so many..
for info Please visit our website faantx.org.

I like the pinoy Recipe links that you had...

Thank you and more power.

Tony Uy

AmyAugust 15, 2005
Kahit saan Pinoy na pinoy! Ganyan ang pinoy! keep up the good work guys.

DANETHAugust 10, 2005
hello everyone,i just want to say hello to my relatives there in juneau alaska like my loving care auntie felly,elizarde family,lazo family,olangco family and rosales family we love you all,i hope we all meet very soon.......i love you all and i wish we can come visit there....!!!!!! greeting's from hawaii..........DANETH CIRILO PITTS

VeritaAugust 9, 2005
Watch live TV Broadcast from Manila plus other interesting video clips. To download the TV Viewer, copy and paste the following link in your browser....

Edgardo G. Calansingin July 22, 2005
New Jersey, USA
I am wondering how life is in Alaska, probably having the coldest climate among the states in continental USA. May I offer you a book for entertainment during your free time? You may visit www.trafford.com/05-0642. thanks and good day to everyone. Edgardo.

Gaylon L. WilsonApril 28, 2005
Flint, Texas
I am sure that you are one of those who loves the Alaska History. Therefore you will love this new adventure book about Alaska with a setting in the Russian days through the Gold Rush. This book is fiction but I have tried to work some of the history of the great state of Alaska into the story. There is no cussing or "sexual" situations in this book. Just good clean reading. There is quite a bit of violence as this is a sea story. Please go to the web site of Freedom Bay and take a look at the synopsis of the book. I think you will like what you see.

Marissa RodrigoApril 26, 2005
just visiting and i want to say hi to all San Nicolanians (Pangasinan) there in Alaska.

rey saldivar rodrigoApril 20, 2005
San Nicolas Pangasinan / Corona California
Hi to all FilAm in Alaska!

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Sign our Guestbook

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