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FilAm Guest Book

Sign our Guestbook

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Eva Espanola SkrzynskiMay 1, 2004
Montreal Canada
Manong Flor and family, kumusta kayo amin dita.

Mickey batinApril 30, 2004
What a nice site. I have enjoyed it very much. Mickey - www.thehealersart.com

jessie m. acostaApril 10, 2004
i wish i found my way back to juneua

Frank & Lydia BautistaMarch 30, 2004
Goose Creek, SC
Greetings to all our kababayan and good luck to all your endeavors. Mabuhay!!!!

patrick minschMarch 28, 2004
Our family is in the organization

Florentino M. AcostaMarch 28, 2004
Hey guys this is Flor and I only have an hour internet access for thirty Pesos so I'm gonna make this quick.So hello to everybody and miss you all. Right now I'm in Tayug, Pangasinan.CU soon.

Conrado AcostaMarch 26, 2004
Just to say hello to all of you out there and I'm looking for my long lost uncle Mr. Flor Acosta.... where is he?

RADM Jim UnderwoodMarch 8, 2004
Kathie and I thank you so much for including us as guests last Saturday at the Induction of Officers Banquet! Love the pictures and wish everyone a wonderfully successful year! Warmest regards, Jim

ROSA JAMESMarch 7, 2004
To the host,
First of all, I would like to thank you for welcoming the new faces of this organization it was a great honor to be part of last night event. I was so amaze of what this group done for taken care of the fast organization that's been accomplish for so many decade. For what I observed from last night events, I was so proud of what have you guys done to stay focus for the sake of the members. Masaya talagang tingnan pag ang lahat involve no matter what color of the skin, and lalo na pag makita mo na kahit mga puti nagsayaw to our folk dance. I can see that there is no hesitance to thier face to do such that:=). Its seem like everyone having a good time, and mingle each and everyone.
One last thing, me and my husband wanted to be a member of this organization, how ,where and what we can do to make this posible?
Btw, the pictures from last night was incredible, thank you for sharing and posting it to ur website.


Frank & Connie CrossanMarch 6, 2004
Frank & I always visits ur websites,esp. me i always looked the photo gallery we really missed Juneau esp.all our friends there.Frank & I was also the members of the Filipino Community when where there.Pls. say hi to Jho & Patrick Minsch (congrat's),Linda & Dean Dawson,to Ate Tonnette Cuanzon,Ate Vicky Villanueva & to all.Congratulations to all new officer elected and keep up the good organization.
Fr.Frank & Connie Crossan

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Sign our Guestbook

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