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Advertising Policy and Request Form

Advertising space is sold in blocks of 120x120 pixels on a yearly subscription basis.

Additional blocks may be purchased in order to create larger advertisements.

Advertisements must be approved and paid for prior to their visibility on the website.
120x120 pixels

If you are interested then please contact us by using the form below:

Your name:

Your email address:

Pages you may advertise on:
PageVisibilityCost per Year
  Home PageHigh$20.00
  Photo GalleryHigh$10.00
  Event ScheduleMedium$1.00
  FilAm CalendarMedium$1.00
  Letters from the PresidentMedium$1.00
  Meeting ScheduleMedium$1.00
  News LetterMedium$1.00
  News and AnnouncementsMedium$1.00
  My FilAmMedium$1.00
  Articles of IncorporationLow$0.25
  Board of DirectorsLow$0.25
  Donations Hall of FameLow$0.25
  Electoral InformationLow$0.25
  Mission StatementLow$0.25
  Guest BookLow$0.25
  Contact UsLow$0.25
  Electoral InformationLow$0.25

Do you need help creating the advertisement?
Already have advertisement
Need help creating the advertisement

Do you have a website the advertisement will be linked to?
If so please enter the address:

No Website?
Check here if you want us to create a page for you.

Comments Please enter any comments or questions you might have.

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